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Oracle Weblogic Server 10g or 11g Online Training

Duration 30 Hrs

1. Introduction

2. WebLogic Server Administration Overview  

3. Starting and Stopping WebLogic Servers  

4. Command-Line Administration (WLST)

5.  Node Managers

6. Configuring and Deploying Applications  

7. Administering Security  

8. Managing Database Connections and Data Sources  

9. Administering Java Message Service (JMS)  

10. Administering WebLogic Server Clusters  

11. WebServers:

12 Virtual Hosting

13. Monitoring and Troubleshooting WebLogic Servers  

14. Performance tuning in weblogic.

15. Add-Ones

General Interview Guidelines

Tips about answering questions in Interviews

Interview Questions

Interview Questions are real-time questions that were collected from various sources. By the end of this session we are very sure that you will be comfortable able to answer all these questions

Oracle Weblogic Server Online Training from India

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